Advertising Copywriting from iiCREATiVE turns readers into customers!
Advertising Copywriting

Advertising Copywriting from iiCREATiVE:
turning ad viewers into readers. Turning ad
readers into customers!

Advertising copywriting from iiCREATiVE does more than get your ad read—it gets your ad responded to. Our ads work—not because they are witty, clever, slick, or professional—although they often are—but because they are guided by “interactive response” strategies. A focused approach that concentrates on creating action that boosts your business.

Our advertising writers’ first step is to define three important elements: your Unique Selling Proposition or “USP,” your campaign’s Offer Value, and your desired Call-to-Action. This process adheres to the disciplines of interactive direct response dynamics. A science that combines analytical and tactical elements to create advertising writing that doesn’t involve “creative guesswork.”

As a result, the ads we write are structured to work. To attract and get read. To engage, intrigue, and compel your prospects to take planned and measurable action. The desired response that strengthens your brand, increases your customer base, and improves your sales volume.

All performance advantages that come with iiCREATiVE advertising writing.

iiCREATiVE Advertising copywriter services include:

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