Internet advertising agency iiCREATiVE: banner ads, SEM, email, more

Internet Advertising: Banner ads, email
marketing, and Search Engine Marketing—
all positioned to perform.

iiCREATiVE creates internet advertising that is positioned to perform. Our banner ad campaigns, email marketing, SEM ad campaigns, and social media efforts can be structured to work as stand-alone campaigns—or as a collective force that supplements and improves your traditional marketing.

The internet advertising efforts we create for you will harness the latest in digital communication technology. But they will also be founded in tried-and-proven direct response marketing principles.

Banner advertising: Internet advertising that drives inquiry and conversion.

Our approach to Internet banner advertising revolves around a simple principle:

“to get them to click, and convey benefit quick.”

We also understand that visitors who don’t “convert” provide little value. So we view development of your banner ad campaign as only half of the project. The other half is strategy and design for an effective landing page that your ads connect to.

At iiCREATiVE, this ability to successfully bring your prospecting and conversion elements together ensures you launch a strategically sound and response-strong banner advertising campaign.

Email advertising: Gaining attention, gaining trust, gaining results.

Like any unsolicited direct marketing, outbound email advertising has but a few seconds to be accepted and read—or rejected and “trashed.” Our email efforts get noticed, opened, read, and responded to. Thirty years as dedicated direct marketers gives us an edge for crafting email campaigns with credibility, helping avoid the common pitfalls that turn email into spam mail.

Technically, we can work with your existing email marketing program, or build and implement a variety of stock or semi-custom program solutions that provide you with HTML rich message formats, ongoing revision and mailing control, and real-time performance statistics of how your email marketing is performing.

SEM Campaigns: Sponsored advertising that earns placement and attention.

At iiCREATiVE, we’ve heard the same “search ad” promises as you have:

“Anyone can create a Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing campaign.”

But as we’ve proven time and again, creating a search engine campaign is one thing. Gaining relevant placement with ads that get noticed, get opened, and generate valuable results is something else altogether.

As your Search Engine Marketing partner, we”ll conduct the research, analysis, and testing needed to launch and maintain a campaign the yields the highest click-through rate at the lowest cost-per-click bid. We’ll also modify your bid budget and ad messaging according to the latest statistics from your campaign—ensuring continual improvement throughout your campaign cycle.

As direct marketing specialists, we also understand that ad-to-landing-page integration is crucial for visitor-to-prospect-or-customer conversion. Depending on your site structure, we can develop custom landing pages—or modify existing pages—so that the momentum promised by your ad is continued throughout the conversion process. This can include the implementation of interactive elements that include video, animation, engaging request forms, and other search engine marketing tools.

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