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iiBRAiNSTORM: Ideas that WORK!

Without action, ingenious new product ideas remain just that: ideas. At iiCREATiVE, we have firsthand success with bringing concepts to life through creative solutions that help define new product shape, form, and positioning… new product naming and branding… new product packaging and marketing… and even supplemental product invention that supports or expands your original concept.

iiBRAiNSTORM turns smart concepts to brilliant reality!

Some call us a Think Tank. An Idea Factory. A New Product Solution Source. But maybe the best words to describe us are innovative and effective. Our approach to new product development and design is guided by a keen understanding of existing and new market dynamics. The result is a unified program with product design, branding, packaging, and targeted marketing features that satisfy end-users, and also attract end-buyers.

Think your new product idea is ready for market? Think iiCREATiVE!

We are ready to work in whatever capacity needed to help you “build a better mousetrap”. We’ll also help you design a better trap, name and brand the trap, package and advertise the trap, and even expand the trap line to include features so alluring even the mice will buy it!

And before we do any of that, we’ll research and explore the concept as needed to make certain there really is a mouse problem. As your partner in bringing “ideas to reality,” ensuring market success—and avoiding failure—will be our commitment.

iiBRAiNSTORM excels in delivering innovative solutions for:

  • Product Naming
  • New Product Branding
  • Product Improvement
  • Product Line Expansion
  • New Product Invention
  • New Product Design
  • New Product Prototyping
  • New Product Packaging
  • New Product Positioning
  • New Product Production
  • New Product Marketing
  • New Product Fulfillment

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