CT Brochure Graphic Design from iiCREATiVE for brochures that work!

CT Brochure design from iiCREATIVE: Generates interest, trust—and new customers!

Brochure design from iiCREATiVE does much more that inform prospects about your products or services. Our marketing approach to brochure design combines professional graphic design skills with an effective visual translation of marketing strategy objectives. The brochure design we create for you go beyond showing what you can do by offering a tactful and convincing presentation of what you can do for your customers. A response-generating benchmark for effective brochure design.

Brochure design from iiCREATiVE's graphic design team also reflects our in-depth training and experience in the science of how people read. As a result, your brochure will be designed to communicate on multiple levels:

  • Brochure design comprehension level 1: Impact

    The first and crucial two-to-three seconds that must deliver topic-related impact in order to capture your targeted demographic’s interest. Without this, your brochure design may never get opened.
  • Brochure design comprehension level 2: Scan

    Quick keyword and image scanning reaffirms that the brochure does indeed pertain to—and have value for—the reader. Our brochure design has created topic-related intrigue.
  • Brochure design comprehension level 3: Skim

    Suspecting your piece relevance, the reader now looks for the sub-topics or brochure sections that they want to read first because of the promise of relevant, valuable, or interesting content. Your brochure design has generated focused interest and topic concentration.
  • Brochure design comprehension level 4: Read

    A quick read of the sections that promise the most value and provide the most interest. Our brochure design is working for you, and your prospect is understanding the proposition value you offer.
  • Brochure design comprehension level 5: Digest

    The final level where every word is read, and important or interesting sections are read over two or three times for reaffirmation. Here is where our brochure design reassures, convinces, and motivates planned response that converts your readers into prospects and customers.

Brochure design from iiCREATiVE enhances your established company image.

Brochure design appropriateness and style compatibility are other important elements considered by our graphic designers. The look, feel, style, and message tone of your brochure design should include careful consideration of how it will work with—and improve the effectiveness of—your total communications program. Strengthened branding and effectiveness through skillful style integration are top priorities of our brochure design.

Brochure design from iiCREATiVE reflects your budget and distribution needs.

Brochure graphic design from iiCREATiVE will always be guided by a clear definition of how, where, and when your brochure will be used—all factors that can greatly affect production and distribution cost. Working as your true brochure design partner, we will always make certain that stock cost, printing cost, mailing cost, durability, and version-ability are understood prior to developing your brochure design.

Brochure design capabilities iiCREATiVE delivers include:

  • Brochure design for pocket folders and inserts
  • Brochure design for multi-page booklet brochures
  • Graphic design for multi-panel folding and direct mail brochures
  • Brochure design for one-color, two-color, process color and multi-color printing
  • Brochure design that offers multi-version efficiencies

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