Graphic Design in CT from iiCREATiVE: logos, print, designs that work!

Need Graphic Design in CT? Think
iiCREATiVE—for logos, brochures, and
graphic design that works!

In need of an accomplished graphic design agency in CT? The artistic team at iiCREATiVE combines fine art pedigree with communication purpose.

We understand that your graphic design should make a powerful visual statement. And so we concentrate on that defined propose through precise control of key graphic elements like composition, color palette, graphic form, typography, and image style.

As a result, the logos, brochures, publications, packages, and display graphics we design for you will attract and impress in a way that is unique, exciting, professional, and always appropriate.

Graphic design in CT from iiCREATiVE is designed around your needs.

Our graphic design process starts with taking the time to really understand what you want your design to accomplish—and also to understand your preferences regarding graphic design style. Should the graphic design be understated or bold? How, when and where will the design solution be used? Are there application concerns that will affect or dictate color selection and image style? Are there any graphic design examples that you like and want to emulate? Our client-first approach never lets us forget that the first graphic design critic we need to please is you.

iiCREATiVE provides graphic design advantages that include:

  • Graphic design that’s attention-getting, professional, and focused
  • Graphic design that considers application and production requirements
  • Graphic design that enhances company image and branding
  • Graphic design that adds impact to brochures and collateral
  • Graphic design that improves readability of publications and newsletters

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