Logo design agency in CT? iiCREATiVE enhances your image!
Logo design and branding

CT Logo design and branding from iiCREATiVE strengthens company image—and customer trust.

Logo design and branding from iiCREATiVE can enhance your brand interest, brand trust, and brand loyalty. As your graphic designer, we’ll address your logo or branding project with a clear focus on image and business needs. With over 30 years of logo design and branding experience, we bring a heightened awareness of how to maintain message clarity, confirm credibility, and connect with your targeted viewers on an emotional level.

Our professional logo designs and branding solutions do more than improve your company image—they establish a distinctive and memorable identity that will help improve your business through powerful logo design.

CT Logo design and branding from iiCREATiVE. Our team approach rallies talents together quickly for you.

Logo and branding projects at iiCREATiVE are usually a team effort that combines ideas and designs through a collaborative process. One that yields better designs faster. Our step-by-step process provides you with input and control as we present concept studies, targeted first-draft designs, revised intermediate designs, and a refined final branding solution or logo design.

iiCREATiVE CT logo design and branding offer a sensible approach that
considers reproduction needs and budget.

With a rich history in corporate logo and product logo design, we understand the real-world factors that will affect symbol design. Our final solution will reflect anticipation of reproduction needs through a design style and design variations that accommodate a variety of application requirements. We know a professional logo and identity program should make future branding efforts easy, clear, and cost-efficient.

iiCREATiVE logo design and CT branding services include:

  • Logo design that connects with your target audience
  • Graphic identity programs that establish your company image
  • Branding programs that create an immediately recognizable look
  • Graphic standards guides that provide guidance for identity consistency throughout all future media applications

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