Trade show exhibit design from iiCREATiVE  draws customers

Trade show exhibit design from iiCREATiVE:
Drawing customers to your booth or exhibit.

Trade show booth design, exhibit design, and display design from iiCREATiVE make your presentation a total success:

  • A visually powerful design success
  • A visitor-to-prospect-to-customer marketing success

As your exhibit design partner, we understand your need to convert the cost of exhibit design from a business expense to a business investment.

Our approach to trade show design includes strategic planning to fully understand and define:

  • Offer-Value: What value associated with visiting your exhibit should your booth design immediately convey?
  • Size & Shape: What size and shape restrictions will affect your display design?
  • Location: How will venue location and traffic affect exhibit design visibility?
  • Graphic Integration: What existing materials, campaign theme, or graphic standards need to be part of/integrate with your exhibit design?
  • Traffic Flow: What traffic flow, stop-points, and exhibit design focal points will provide the strongest visitor-to-prospect conversion?
  • Transportation: Are there any transportation, set-up, and break-down concerns that will affect final exhibit design?
  • Competition: What booth or display design elements will help you stand out from the competing booths and competition?
  • Budget: How can your trade show booth deliver the highest return for your exhibit design budget?

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