iiCREATiVE Continuity Marketing Programs: Increased response and retention

Continuity Programs: Powerful customer response.
Powerful customer retention.

A Continuity Marketing Program designed and launched by iiCREATiVE incorporates the powerful and unique marketing dynamics needed to ensure you experience strong ROI throughout the duration of your program. As your marketing partner, we can help position your continuity marketing program—and the materials that promote it—so that customer excitement and value perception is consistent throughout the entire fulfillment cycle.

Our continuity marketing services include: program development and program positioning, offer positioning, and integrated, multi-component marketing campaigns designed to deliver the balance needed to boost prospect response, increase prospect-to-customer conversion, and extend customer retention for increased profits.

Continuity Marketing support that begins with positioning strategy

Our experience serving clients as both a Product Development/Packager and a Direct Marketing Agency gives us a rare ability to truly understand the “big picture.” We’ll help you define and refine your program’s USP (unique selling proposition). Followed by strategy to incorporate the important elements of that USP into product design and offer structure. Our approach helps you maintain targeted focus throughout all major program elements, ensuring your messaging is integrated for maximum impact.

Continuity Marketing campaigns to deliver optimum response

With program positioning and message strategy defined, we then develop your targeted offers and also the marketing materials that deliver them. We understand how hard offers, soft offers, guarantees, testimonials, free samples, and more can impact your program success. Our goal: To generate not only more conversions, but also “better conversions” that stay with your continuity program longer.

Continuity Marketing fulfillment promotions extend customer value

Our considerable experience in continuity marketing helps you avoid the common pitfall many continuity marketers make: creating marketing campaigns that are “front-end loaded.” The marketing strategy we implement for you will incorporate ongoing fulfillment marketing techniques designed to improve customer value through extended retention, and also ancillary sales of related program-support items.

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