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Direct Mail Copywriting?
Your business could double
with an experienced direct mail copywriter.

And you’ve just found one! Here’s a letter from him:

I’m Dave Kroha—a direct mail copywriter (and creative director) with 30 years of experience crafting direct mail that works. That pays for itself — over and over.

As a direct mail copywriter, I have proven the power that words can have on behavior. Time and again, I have turned skeptical prospects into trusting customers through writing that connects on an emotional level. Copy that makes your readers smile, chuckle, imagine, dream, feel good… feel lucky…feel special…feel assured.

But most importantly, makes them WANT what you’re offering.

Working together with my creative team at iiCREATiVE, we deliver results that position direct mail copywriting not as an expense—but an investment. One that generates ongoing ROI. Over the years, we have been the“secret weapon” of many respected direct marketing companies—each referred to us by a colleague that originally hired us to “beat their control”. We provided:

  • Direct Mail Copywriting for Disney Books by Mail…
    We crafted the majority of direct mail and direct marketing ads that launched Disney’s Direct Mail Publishing venture.
  • Direct Mail Copywriting for CIGNA HealthCare…
    Direct mail we wrote and designed was tested against efforts from one of the world’s largest direct mail agencies. We won—leading to a multi-year contract to help market their Medicare-Risk product.
  • Direct Mail Copywriting for Cox Communications…
    Our copywriting and package design was targeted to a “fatigued list” that repeatedly said “no” to cable TV. That is—until they received our direct mail package. Success led to our being hired to help launch Cox Broadband services.

Want more success stories? Check out our direct mail portfolio.

I guess if you are looking for an effective direct mail copywriter, then past accomplishments are important. But not as important as these benefits I will promise for you:

Direct Mail copywriting from iiCREATiVE will work for you - because
we will focus on doing the same.

The direct mail copywriting solutions we create for you will reflect diligent research, sound market analysis, and strategic offer positioning. “Creativity” will only exist to the extent that it supports and enhances message clarity. We write to perform—not impress. (Although we DO think that increased sales are pretty impressive.)

Direct Mail copywriting from iiCREATiVE will make direct mail design easy.

That’s because copywriting is forged from a strategy that guides both copy positioning and package design. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we make certain those “visual words” integrate with our copywriting for improved clarity and impact. In fact, total integration of all creative elements is the core strength that our agency was founded on.

You’ll like working with us because our integrated service capabilities save time, save cost, and make the process easy. You’ll like working with us even more because we improve results.

Direct Mail copywriting from iiCREATiVE is friendly and fair.

As your direct mail copywriter or direct mail agency, our #1 priority is to improve your business through a service style that is fair, friendly, and hassle-free.

To that end, I invite you to call and talk with me. If iiCREATiVE can help with your direct mail copywriting needs, we’ll both know after a quick but concise discussion. And if for any reason we can’t, I’ll gladly refer you to another direct mail writer who can.

I hope to hear from you! (860)372-4551

Dave Kroha
Direct Mail Copywriting that Works!

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