Direct Mail designer iiCREATiVE: direct marketing design that works
Direct Marketing Design

Direct Marketing Design: Mailings that work—
from direct mail designers that work for you.

Direct mail design from iiCREATiVE is attention getting, attractive, always appropriate, and most importantly, extremely effective. The direct marketing design solutions we’ll create for you reflect over 30 years of experience in combining the art of persuasive visual communication with the science of action-oriented direct marketing.

Direct Mail design from iiCREATiVE that enhances your campaign message.

Always focused on response strategy, our direct mail designs are easy to pick out, because they stand out, both in appearance and performance. Whether you need a mailing package design, self-mailer design, post-card design, or dimensional mail design, our work will reflect a rare understanding of the purpose design SHOULD have in direct mail: To support—and never detract from—your strategically positioned marketing message.

Direct Mail design from iiCREATiVE will perform stronger and longer—
because we “design them using better parts.”

As with any graphic communication, direct mail design is only as good as the elements that go into it. Our considerable education, training, and experience in direct marketing, communication arts, fine arts, graphic design, and photography assure your direct marketing the visual impact needed to cut through direct mail advertising clutter.

Professional direct mail design advantages:

  • Direct Mail typography that enhances scan/skim/read/digest legibility
  • Direct Mail package formats that are effective for your targeted universe
  • Direct Mail composition forged through disciplined fine-art training
  • Direct Mail graphic styles that are appropriate for your audience—and budget
  • Direct Mail imagery that works in lockstep with copy and strategy

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