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Format Strategy

Direct Mail Format Strategy:
Form driven by function and efficiency.

Direct Mail package format strategy is a key ingredient for obtaining the balance of cost and impact needed to obtain a healthy ROI. Our years of experience and format testing gives us an edge for selecting and inventing direct mail package formats that cut through the clutter to get your message noticed.

Direct Mail Package Format Strategy that follows the rules:
Format Rule #1: There are no Rules!

Applying innovative creative solutions and unique package variations, iiCREATiVE has proven time and again that in direct marketing there are no hard and fast rules regarding which direct mail formats work best and when. However, there ARE generalizations that do hold true 90% of the time!

  • In General: Dimentional Mail outperforms large multi-component packages.
  • In General: Large and unique multi-component packages outperform small and traditional multi-component packages.
  • In General: Small and traditional multi-component packages outperform multi-panel self-mailers.
  • In General: Multi-panel self-mailers outperform single-panel self-mailers.
  • In General: Single-panel self-mailers outperform oversized postcards.
  • In General: Oversized postcards outperform standard postcards.

The direct mail package hierarchy indicated above can be summarized as follows: In general… the more unique and substantial impact your package has, the more it stands out from the mailbox clutter as having importance and, if written and designed correctly, “value of purpose.”

But because more complex packages usually cost more to create, produce, and mail, CPM and response projections need to be carefully considered to ensure the potential return is worth the investment. And as your direct mail package format consultant, we’ll do just that.

Common and unique direct mail package formats we advise include:

  • Dimentional Mail
  • Multi-Component Direct Mail Packages
  • Direct Mail Self-Mailers
  • Direct Mail Postcards
  • Direct Mail Inserts

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