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List Selection

List Selection: Consulting to help target
your direct marketing message.

List selection consulting and assistance is a service that coordinates with the direct marketing strategy we create for you. Working with the nation's leading list brokers and proprietary list sources, we’ll research and compare the available demographics of targeted list segments to determine the choice or choices with the highest potential value relative to your defined campaign message.

Direct Marketing list selection and list refinement to maximize ROI

Buying a direct marketing list—and making certain you get what you pay for—can be a daunting task. Will a compiled, response or survey-based list best uncover your optimum demographic? Will there be an overlap in the lists? Is the list information current and up to the latest U.S. Postal or e-marketing certification standards? iiCREATiVE will manage your list selection, running a merge-purge to eliminate duplicates, and ensuring the list is postal-optimized according to the most recent CASS Certification.

Direct marketing list selection that expands your options

Working as your mailing list partner, we research your list options using multiple sources. And because we work with multiple list brokers and list managers, your choices are never limited to the lists owned or managed by a single vendor. Your final list selection is always unbiased and compiled in your best interest.

Direct marketing list selection that monitors list health and refresh

As your marketing list selection partner, we check on crucial factors that can affect your mailing list success. This includes the monthly hotline list count—indicating how many new and fresh-to-market records are added monthly. This number, although small, represents a group that doesn’t suffer from response fatigue due to “over-marketing.”

Direct marketing list selection that monitors list usage

Our mailing list selection process also reviews the companies that have used the list we are considering. Were the companies competitors? What was their offer? And did they go beyond test phase to roll-out phase through continuance with the list. If so, the list may represent value—and a confirmed market share you may want to share in with the new, fresh, and inviting offer we create for you!

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