Direct Marketing Offer Strategy from iiCREATiVE delivers results
Offer Strategy

Direct marketing Offer Strategy:
A key element for direct marketing success!

Direct Marketing Offer Strategy from iiCREATiVE represents one of the most valuable services we provide. Consider this time-proven success ratio that assigns value to the three most important elements in direct marketing :

Success in direct marketing and direct mail is dependent on the effectiveness of three factors according to the following ratio of importance:

  • List = 45 %
  • Offer = 45%
  • Creative = 10%

To achieve high success, you need high levels of effectiveness in all three direct marketing factors. Without a sound offer strategy, your direct marketing campaign becomes a high-priced (and usually ineffective) ad campaign.

Offer-strategy: an iiCREATiVE direct marketing advantage

At iiCREATiVE, we understand how to put the DM Success Ratio to work for you with skillful list selection, highly-effective creative, and an innovative offer strategy designed to attract, engage and generate response.

From price structure to value added components to specialty offer programs and more, we will develop a direct marketing offer strategy for you that first prioritizes realistic and obtainable response objectives. One that also delivers the impact and motivation needed to ensure those objectives are realized from your direct marketing campaign. Direct Marketing Offer Strategies from iiCREATiVE include:

  • Direct marketing pricing strategies
  • Direct marketing discount strategies
  • Direct marketing time-sensitive offer strategies
  • Long-term and short-term value direct marketing offer strategies
  • Direct marketing continuity program incentive strategies
  • Direct marketing premium and freemium strategies
  • Direct marketing offer exclusivity strategies
  • Direct marketing Sweepstakes and contest strategies

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