Web content management by iiCREATiVE for real-time web control!
Content Management Systems

Web content management:
Real-time web control!

Web content management systems from iiCREATiVE help your web presence be all that it can be! Designed to provide goof-proof control for you and your staff, our content management solutions allow for structured site modification according to administrative permissions that you select.

Starting with a robust, proven, and flexible application platform, we customize and control what and how much of your site can be altered with this system. And because we understand that long learning curves can affect business, we’ll also customize your management interface to provide what you need—and not a lot of confusing things that you don’t. An intuitive, easy, and fast solution that will keep your website—and your visitors, prospects and customers—always up-to-date.

Web content management that lets you realize your website’s full potential.

Web content management makes smart business sense. By its very nature, your website should be the most current and accurate source for information about your company’s, products, services, prices, accomplishments, and people. But for too many webmaster-dependent companies, real-time web updates are wishful thinking.

By implementing a content management system, your company can control the response rate of posting and modifying time-sensitive website information. Depending on your company size, website size, site structure, and budget, we can customize a software solution that resides locally on one of your computers—or a web-based application that allows unlimited, remote, secure access from anywhere there is internet access!

Content nanagement system features can include:

  • Content management of website headlines and text, including content, style, and color
  • Uploading of new or revised web photos and graphics
  • Content management of new website pages within defined menus and sub-menus
  • Website content management of select coding to enhance your website SEO
  • Content management of colors on your website backgrounds, panels, and graphics
  • Assignment of categorization to aid internal website search
  • Uploading of PDF files and other documents that can then be downloaded by visitors

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