E-commerce website design in CT by iiCREATiVE for web store solutions that sell!

E-commerce Website Design from iiCREATiVE: Web store solutions that sell!

E-commerce web design from iiCREATiVE focuses first and foremost on boosting the sale of your products or services online. Regardless of whether you’re offering products, subscriptions, or service payment options, you need an:

  • E-commerce website design that’s easy to understand and navigate
  • E-commerce web design that looks trustworthy in appearance
  • E-commerce website with robust internal product search and statistical reports
  • E-commerce website content that is easily managed and modified
  • E-commerce web design that’s expandable and flexible
  • E-commerce website programming that looks and IS secure!
  • E-commerce web strategy that gets ranked on major search engines
  • E-commerce website interactivity that generates new visitors daily
  • E-commerce website design that converts visitors into customers!

From a simple online shopping cart application to a fully-custom e-commerce website, our team will develop a solution based on your process needs and budget using the latest e-commerce technology available.

iiCREATiVE e-commerce websites:
a “WWW” presence with the “WOW” factor!

Like the best and most successful retail stores, the visual impression and layout presentation of your e-commerce website can make or break your business. Our e-commerce site designs initially “wow” your visitors with a style that relates to and enhances the look-and-feel of your product.

Once engaged, your e-commerce visitors will feel comfortable and safe browsing through the virtual web store we create for you. Visually organized and intuitive, our e-commerce layouts are always easy, inviting, and even fun to navigate. Helpful features like robust internal search ensure a hassle-free process. We know that if the online shopping experience is pleasurable, your e-commerce website shoppers will return. And maybe even bring along friends!

E-commerce websites that offer content management ease.

The e-commerce site we create for you will be designed with a content management system that’s expandable to meet your current and future web store needs. While our e-commerce management system is customized for each client, the popular control options available to make your online store run efficiently include:

  • E-commerce content management for adding or revising products
  • E-commerce web management to add or change product categories
  • Real-time management of e-commerce website prices and revisions
  • Real-time management of e-commerce product descriptions
  • Email marketing and announcements with opt-in list building
  • Product photo and presentation options: multiple view; enlarged view; zoom-in view, and more
  • Multiple-level administrative access with QA sign-off before live posting

E-commerce website design that search engines like—and that your customers find.

Your e-commerce website has no value if no one knows about it. At iiCREATiVE, our roots in multi-channel marketing give us an edge for getting your e-commerce website found and frequented.

Like all our websites, our e-commerce site designs are built around a strategy that increases natural or “organic” search engine traffic through primary Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And while the level of optimization needed is usually based on market competition analysis, the e-commerce website we build for you will be created to be search-engine-friendly from the start.

This includes early online research to identify primary keywords and phrases to help determine:

  • Title and header tag optimization
  • Internal and reciprocal link building
  • Site architecture or “sitemap” structure
  • Content tone and direction
  • Coding structure

We then submit your e-commerce store sitemap registration to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. These important first steps enable the search engine “spiders” to recognize your most important pages, thus establishing a sound initial “organic” ranking.

Advanced SEO and marketing for e-commerce sites that search engines
LOVE—and that your customers flock to!

Need more than primary-level website SEO? We offer high-level traffic and search engine ranking for your e-commerce website through complex and “advanced” SEO—a process that requires an ongoing effort of refining and expanding your site’s SEO elements.

And because organic search on the internet is just one way people may learn about your site, we can also implement internet advertising and traditional-media marketing support to increase site awareness. This can include Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing campaigns, print ads, direct mail, and more.

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