Web Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Web Quality Assurance: Professional accuracy
in every phase of web development.

Web Quality Assurance (QA) is an accuracy advantage that iiCREATiVE brings to the web development arena. As seasoned advertising and marketing professionals, we have built our business around making certain procedural checks and balances are in every phase of communications development.

Your web development project will benefit from our QA service approach from presentation of strategy and concepts through testing and deployment of your website or web-based marketing initiative. Accuracy and professionalism that reflects well on your business.

Quality assurance that ensures your web project runs smoothly.

Our proven ability to understand and develop every phase of your web project places us in an optimum position to also monitor every step. Dedicated QA management protects your project’s integrity—making certain schedules are adhered to and budget parameters met. Our lock-step coordination of all creative and technical disciplines also eliminates the “responsibility gaps” that often appear on multiple-vendor-projects. The only “finger-pointing” you’ll experience on your project will be a “thumbs up.”

Quality assurance that ensures your web project is executed correctly.

Your web-based professionalism should mimic your company professionalism. A fact we focus on from first draft through final message delivery. The QA safeguards we implement to assure correctness include:

  • Research as needed prior to project launch to uncover any potentially project hindering factors
  • Professional proofreading and editing of all final files for spelling and grammatical correctness
  • Review of all content and typography for style and “graphic mandatories” including copyrights, trademarks, and more
  • Coding check against all common platforms and browsers to assure function and rendering compatibility
  • Performance analysis of each web page to meed grade “A” benchmarks for download speeds, transitions, and navigation performance
  • Sitemap development and review to eliminate dead ends and dead links
  • Staging site launch prior to live launch for final client review and approval

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