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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):
Improved organic ranking through
disciplined optimization semantics.

SEO can boost your website’s organic ranking on the internet search engines. But achieving a boost that truly provides ranking value takes time, experience, and discipline.

At iiCREATiVE, we enhance your site’s SEO through a strategic approach that combines sound marketing strategy with skillfully implemented SEO techniques. It’s an approach that also provides clarity regarding what your site can realistically achieve through a properly implemented SEO program.

“Boost your organic search engine ranking to #1 with SEO... GUARANTEED!”

That “promise” carries such potential value that some companies have built a business delivering convoluted promises regarding such SEO performance. If only it were true.

“Organic Strength”, as the name implies, is something that “grows” over time.

The Good News: greatly improved organic search ranking is obtainable through a well-planned and implemented SEO program strategy that cultivates, feeds, and cares for your site’s organic health. The kind of strategy iiCREATiVE implements.

SEO success with iiCREATiVE is no accident. It begins with strategy planning.

Our logic-based SEO programs begin with analysis of your existing site’s SEO strategy—or development of a SEO strategy to guide your new site. Through research, we define or refine your website positioning and profile, always looking for any search term opportunities within your marketplace that may have been overlooked.

We cross reference research data with your business objectives and service strengths to create a search profile, and then compare that profile against statistics that reveal what, how, and why your customers are searching.

SEO program launch that provides flexibility to meet your needs.

With that information in hand, we then develop and deploy your SEO strategy. Depending on how competitive your market is, your SEO strategy may involve both initial and ongoing refinement of site architecture, site content, coding structure, coding descriptions, internal linking and external or “reciprocal” linking.

Our SEO strategy approach creates an honest and realistic plan. One that
meets your business needs, your budget needs, and your expectations.

Basic-Level SEO:

At a “basic level,” the SEO techniques we apply consider research findings to define the primary keywords and phrases to be incorporated into:

  • Title and header tag optimization
  • Internal and reciprocal linking
  • Site architecture or sitemap structure
  • Text content
  • Semantic coding structure

When completed, we submit your enhanced sitemap to the major search engines so that the search engine “spiders” can evaluate your most important pages according to the organic ranking strategy we’ve established for you.

Advanced SEO:

High-level traffic and search engine ranking for your website is achieved through complex and “advanced” SEO—a process that requires an ongoing effort of refining and expanding your site’s SEO elements, including content and coding. It can also include development of ancillary web efforts with constant review and modification of your site result in improved ranking. And therefore in improved traffic and sales.

Ongoing and Advanced SEO services we offer include:

  • Extended online research and analysis of primary and secondary keywords
  • Extended sitemap submission
  • Advanced coding including refined meta descriptions, alt tags, and more
  • Extended internal and reciprocal linking
  • Expanded and targeted content
  • Blog development and web article marketing
  • Online press releases
  • Social media marketing

You’ll also receive monthly reports that outline each task and all completed updates along with any recommendations based on the results of those efforts. As your SEO partner, our commitment to help you succeed goes way beyond initial website design.

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