Social Media Marketing at iiCREATiVE boosts business and web traffic
Social Media

Social Media Marketing: Powered by
virally-generated communication momentum.

Social Media is fast becoming one of the world’s most talked about, watched, and potentially-valuable marketing media. At iiCREATiVE, we harness the potential of social media marketing channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Digg, MySpace, and more. As your social media marketing agency, we’ll help you develop and post the unique, outrageous or helpful online content that will make your social media presence an active one.

Our understanding of existing and evolving social site popularity, combined with our considerable traditional marketing experience, gives us an edge for shaping your content in a way that will build “inbound web” momentum to improve your business.

Social Media: A virtual and interactive PR media with marketing potential.

Skyrocketing in popularity, today’s most popular Social Media sites provide vast public and affiliate distribution of blog text, pictures, audio, and video through an interactive interface. They allow and encourage visitors and members to easily share with each other—and the public.

Unlike traditional PR or referral marketing that delivers an intended sales message through sales agents, social media groups are a catalyst for generating engaging, online, interactive dialogue. They create an environment where information is often trusted and shared—if developed correctly.

Serving as your Social Media Partner, we’ll create and search-optimize dynamic interactive social media content that’s skillfully intertwined with response dynamics to make certain that “sharing happens.” Over and over again.

Social Media Integration: Combining the best of proven and evolving
targeted marketing methods.

As your social media partner, we’ll develop your social media campaign message. We’ll also select the correct social sites to deliver the most targeted and effective distribution. And because integrated media messaging boosts performance of all elements, we can integrate your social media marketing campaign with traditional and web-based marketing to enhance all around performance.

iiCREATiVE Social Media Marketing Benefits:

  • Social Media Marketing expands brand awareness
  • Social Media campaigns generate increased site traffic and links
  • Social Media Marketing improves site popularity
  • Social Media Marketing improves customer relations and trust
  • Social Media Marketing can boost sales

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