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Web Development

iiCREATiVE Web Development in CT:
Stable. Secure. Scalable. Compatible.

Web development from iiCREATiVE coordinates both on-the-screen and behind-the-scene technologies to bring functionality, compatibility, usability, and stability to your website. Carefully combining the latest web trends with proven-effective web standards, we strategically orchestrate development services, programming languages, and function applications to best suit your performance and budget needs. Our balanced web construction approach ensures you seamless technology integration between back-end, front-end, and presentation-layer development disciplines.

Website back-end development:
the secure foundation that protects your data.

Our back-end web development skills provide the flexibility to select the back-end solution that best supports your current and future business and security needs. Our broad proficiency in development languages ensure that your site will reside on a service structure that supports performance objectives, data transfer protocol and compatibility needs.

Website front-end development:
defining function, usability, and performance.

We approach front-end website development of your site through disciplined coding semantics that reflect the most current and industry-tested best practices. This process takes a little longer, but provides search engine optimization (SEO) indexing advantages for every important page on your site. It also provides operational advantages beyond basic cross-browser compatibility, as we code, test, and recode to be certain your website functions properly, renders correctly, downloads quickly, and performs nimbly across the broadest ranges of the most used browsers and platforms.

Presentation layer:
applications that enhance visitor experience.

Does your site need to move or make noise? Will video, Flash animation, or slick JavaScript transitions enhance your message impact? The presentation layer we construct for your site can integrate application technologies that enhance user experience. But because bells and whistles can be just that, we also review objectives and audience profile to make certain that your “enhanced” interface strengthens—and never detracts from—the communication goals of your site.

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