Web Design strategy by iiCREATiVE for website SEO that works!
Research and strategy: iiCREATiVE’s scientific approach to SEO and the Web.

Research and strategy: iiCREATiVE’s
scientific approach to SEO and the Web.

You know the value of an effective web presence. And so does your competition. That's why iiCREATiVE applies a scientific methodology to identify strategic communication objectives and message priority. We approach each assignment from your Targeted Customer’s point of view, providing insight into factors that can greatly influence success. Factors that include optimum SEO positioning—and also your competition’s strategy and positioning

iiCREATiVE Research:
Working in advance to boost SEO by understanding your market.

iiCREATiVE can work with you—or independently—to become an expert in marketing to your industry. Who are your most valuable web customers—how should they be targeted—and who is targeting them now? What are their relevant behaviors, motivations and needs? What are the “hot buttons” that will engage your targeted website visitor and motivate response? Which keyword terms should be targeted to boost your website SEO? What visitor response will yield the greatest ROI?

Our pre-project research includes online analysis of competitor sites as we uncover ways to attract more web traffic, increase qualified business prospects, and improve online sales and conversion—all while enhancing your company branding.

iiCREATiVE Strategy: Putting our research to work.

Along with guidelines for tone, style, look, format, and offer-value, your website strategy will also include a navigational wireframe that details your site’s information architecture. This document will confirm message priority according to SEO objectives —and also eliminate surprises—ensuring project tranquility from planning through site launch.

Additional iiCREATiVE web strategy elements can include:

  • Analysis and assessment of leading competitor sites
  • Advanced search engine optimization techniques
  • Search engine marketing campaign launch and landing page integration
  • Reciprocal site linking
  • Traffic-boosting e-mail marketing
  • Affiliate, Reseller, and Associate Program participation
  • Development of an opt-in email marketing
  • Blog and article publication
  • Online press releases
  • Online contests and giveaways
  • Social media networking site inclusion to virally boost branding and traffic

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