Web Video and Web Animation by iiCREATiVE for moving websites!
Website Video and Animation

Web Video & Animation: Strengthening web
impact. Increasing website performance.

iiCREATiVE web video services offer “start to finish” video and animation that enhances the impact of your website. Focusing on content, style, and impression, we’ll turbo-charge your site with multi-media elements that will gain the attention of search engines, social media services, and most importantly—your prospects and customers.

Website Video: online multimedia power that’s undeniable.

The question isn’t “if” your busines should use web video—but simply “when?” The answer: as soon as your website needs to succeed on the internet. Online web video is the fastest growing medium on earth. This is due in part to the world-wide explosion of broadband speeds, in part to the popularity of social networks like YouTube, and largely to the fact that nothing short of in-person presentation is as effective as streaming media.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the word-count associated with web video is infinite. Your viewers will better understand, remember, and trust what they hear and see in your website video. Additional benefits of website video include strengthened SEO, increased ROI, and improved visitor-to-respondent conversion.

iiCREATiVE: website video in CT that is convenient and effective.

At iiCREATiVE, we know the idea of creating and implementing web video can be a daunting concept. But we also know that your website video doesn’t need to be complicated, lengthy, or super-costly to be effective. Utilizing the talents of select video and animation partners, we’ll provide strategy, scripting, talent, staging, videography, editing, sound, and graphics to create web video that’s website-friendly, and that works within your strategy and budget.

Web video production services by iiCREATiVE can deliver:

  • Web video that strengthens your selling proposition
  • Website video that provides message clarification and proof of performance
  • Streaming web video that improves prospect and customer trust
  • Web video that can be implemented into email marketing
  • Web video that can be used to boost social media marketing and blogs
  • Web video that can enhance training & instructional communications
  • Website video that speeds-up relationship building

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